More than a web design company...

SimpleWeb is more than a web design company. We spend time to learn about your business, to understand your unique needs and where a professional website design fits in.

This allows our business analysts and designers to develop a quality website that extends into a complete online platform you use behind the scenes to expand your website at your own pace and build a stronger business.

SimpleWeb supplies every aspect of your website in one service. Just bring your business or idea and we will get you online and keep you there. We make it as simple as possible so you can save time and concentrate on running and developing your business. And we support you every step of the way.

The Complete Online Platform

Every SimpleWeb website design provides you with a tailored product to achieve all these business functions from one online location:

  • Complete Content Management System with E-Commerce
  • News, Events, Blogs
  • Photo and Video Galleries
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Integrated Advertising and Marketing Tools
  • Selling Products, Services, Subscriptions and Memberships
  • Payment, Invoicing, and Inventory Solution
  • Direct Customer Contact through Online Chat and Email
  • Integration with Social Media applications like Facebook and Twitter

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Getting Your Business or Idea Online...

By following a simple process we ensure your business receives a quality product that addresses the three core areas for success. Our goal is to make developing your website as simple as possible.

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The Three Core Areas for Success:

Our professional approach focuses on building functional websites that go beyond web design, by helping you develop solid foundations for online business.

With the features included for every website, we show you how to address the three areas that are vital to establishing a business that performs online.

Increasing online traffic for your businessAttracting targeted traffic by increasing word of mouth business online:

- Expanding your business exposure and increasing customer awareness online and offline

  • Using multiple methods of online strategies to build search engine rankings
  • Limiting your business to the most effective cost/no-cost online advertising
  • Using offline promotions to direct visitors to your website and increase online sales

- Maintaining existing customers by building relationships online and offline

  • Encouraging user interactions to improve communication
  • Developing loyal customer promotions as rewards for their business
  • Connecting with your customers through newsletter updates


Converting visitors to customersConverting online sales without the use of hard sales approaches:

- Developing your site with a clear sales funnel approach

  • Understanding why visitors have come to your website
  • Clearly outlining your business services and benefits
  • Directing customers to further details suggesting your services can meet their needs
  • Identifying the desired call to action for immediate sales or delayed sales

- Defining a clear marketing approach

  • Knowing who your target audience is
  • Understanding what solution your target audience needs
  • Developing your site around what your target audience desires


Streamlining your businessStreamlining your business to improve service and functionality:

- Increasing work productivity whilst reducing workload

  • Reducing the number of systems and accelerate work flow
  • Eliminating unnecessary complexity through a basic structure
  • Automate systems to improve efficiency
  • Compounding business exposure by encouraging customers to promote your business


The design of a business website is integral to its success. Our experienced designers and business analysts tailor make each product to suit your needs - we do not use website templates like some other companies.

Each member of our professional staff have at least five years experience in their field and all contribute to success of our business and of our clients.

Please contact our team if you have any questions – we look forward to discussing your goals and succeeding together.

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Improving business workflow practises can dramatically increase financial performance. Implementing simple streamlining methods, businesses can reduce times to complete projects, time spent filing paperwork or time used to answer common questions.

Increasing sale conversion relies upon building strong relationships with your visitors and addressing customers wants and needs at every step of their purchasing cycle. For conducting business online, trust is the key difference between a website that sells and one that doesn't.

Our team consists of innovative and experienced designers, programmers and online business development specialists. Helping businesses globally, we aim to provide small and medium sized businesses with the edge to compete with large corporations.

Developing an online brand to attract targeted website traffic via word of mouth business is integral for every website. Keeping focused on the strategies which compound traffic generation is a top priority when planning an online marketing approach.

We compact our business web services into a single package that takes our clients from online business planning to selling products and services online. Providing clients with complete control over their website management, our assistance and advice ensures clients develop a strong online brand.